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The analytics you need

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It's easy to learn how many people have clicked on your influencer ads.

We group devices and platforms for you. You can see how many visitors you get from which source.

  • Clicks from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Clicks from email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.
  • Access detailed statistics for your launch campaigns on ProductHunt, Reddit, HackerNews etc.

The most comprehensive analytics for your links.

Publish your links on social media, create influencer campaigns on Instagram or launch your app on Reddit. We will show you most performant links or worst links.

  • Device segmentation like iOS, Android or desktop.
  • Monthly, daily and hourly analytics for all links.
  • Which platform works best for you? Social media or email campaign? Now, You will know it.

Upgrade to the next level with Pro features.

We are trying to make our Pro features better to make your life easier and give you a better experience.

  • You can access our API to managing your own link analytics.
  • COMING SOON! You can use own domain for your links.
  • COMING SOON! You can export your link analytics to Google Sheets or automate any process on Zapier.

Create app landing page

Don't have a time? Ok, we will create app landing page for you within seconds, automagically.

  • Responsive
  • A+ grade PageSpeed
  • Fully customizable

Automagically created app landing page

app landing page


Create links for your app as many as you want. We will handle rest.

One Link For Your Apps

We collect all the download links of your application on a single link. MonkeyLINK handle all of routing for you. You just sit back and leave the rest to us.

Link Analytics

Track your links and measure which platform works best for you. We provide analytics like how many visitors come from instagram or how many visitors click to link from iOS.

Landing Page For Your Apps

Create responsive, lightning fast and beautiful looking app landing page within seconds. It's fully customizable and ready for your marketing campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

We are pleased to answer your questions.

MonkeyLINK is in private beta right now, you can click to "START NOW" button top of the page and request beta access.

Currently, in beta stage, you can use for completely free. You can create unlimited projects and links.

No, it's not required. MonkeyLINK tracks your links without any requirement.

Login to your account at and go to "Landing Pages" section from left pane. You can edit your app landing page right there.

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